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Google and Android, Together?

Chromebooks are simple devices,

created by google as  an attempt to make a cloud based computer.  A Chromebook contains minimal memory storage, so that it has space to put a large battery, and the computers, well, computational components.  This also allows it to be much cheaper.  The downside being that these computers run Chrome OS, an operating system entirely based off of chrome.  This means you can’t have apps, only web pages.  This is an enormous downside.  However, recently one of Google’s developers teased the idea that Chromebooks may one day run android, and that that day might not be too far off.

A better programmed Chrome OS, utilizing the finer aspects of android without losing the cloud linked style, could potentially be a game changer.  there is a demand for on the go capability, and phones, generally, have access to wireless data , in some cases unlimited.  This could allow a cloud based computer to work anywhere where you have data.  This is a huge benefit if you want to access large amounts of memory, more than you could put in your laptop, on the go.  As files get bigger and bigger our technology needs to be able to catch up, and this might just be the way.

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