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Qualcomm’s Conscious Camera

Until recently home security,

and surveillance in general has been a bit less than intuitive.  Closed circuit TV systems, along with slightly more advanced systems, simply record and push video.  With motion sensors you can exclude a bit of excess information coming in, but this still leaves you with an extraneous amount of information.  However, recently, a new form of camera has been released by Qualcomm; a camera that knows ‘what’s up’.  The camera they have released comes with a hefty six-core, 64-bit processor; next-generation graphics crunching; and embedded digital signal processing.  This allows it to be able to recognize faces, and remember who people are.  This allows users interesting, and far less limited capabilities.

Of course with every new technology there is going to be a downside at first.  New software developed for these cameras is going to be potentially vulnerable until it has been used in the field for a while.  That, along with the fact that someone hacking these cameras would have access to a lot more than just video, is a bit frightening.  However, technology must press on forward.  Most likely if any issues come up they will be minor and fixed rather quickly, unless these cameras start getting installed everywhere, it will be a select few that target them.  Even with all this doubt involved in the tech upgrade process, the idea is amazing, and is a stepping stone to more advanced security systems.

Read more: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/Qualcomm-Unveils-Muscle-Camera-for-Surveillance-Systems-82671.html


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