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Here at Synergies Tech we take pride

in our customer service.  When you have a problem on your computer, you need to be able to get in touch with us easily.  Because of this need, we have designed branding software for your computer.  It allows you to either right click on your desktop, or go to your control panel, and you will be able to see our information, and get to our website easily.


Here is an example of what happens when you right click on your desktop with the branding on a windows computer.



As you can see, at the top there is a ‘Synergies Tech Support’ context menu.  If you go ahead and hover over it you will see this:

Menu Open

If you click on the top item, you will be taken to our website, where you can email us, or get any other information you need from there.  Beneath that, you can also see our phone number, clicking that won’t get you very far, but go ahead and punch that into your phone and we’ll be right with you.  On the bottom, you’ll see expanded a few websites you can leave us a review on if you feel we’ve done well.


There is also a way to go into your control panel and get the same information.   A quick way is to just hit Windows + Pause.  The windows key is in the bottom left of your keyboard usually, and the pause the top right.  Some keyboards don’t have a pause key, if not, you will need to navigate to your computers ‘System’ page in the control panel.  An easy way to do this is right click on ‘Computer’ in windows explorer on the left and click on properties.  Here is what you will see in your system info:


Some information has been removed from this picture, but key information is boxed in blue.  Clicking on ‘Online Support’  will take you to our website.  You can also see our hours, phone number, and cloud logo on the right.  Keep in mind this is on a windows 7 computer, yours may look slightly different, though not by much.


Just remember, if you need us we’ll only be a couple clicks away.

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