corsair water cooler

Water Cooling

Many enthusiasts have heard of water cooling.

There are multiple ways of cooling your system. To many, standard air cooling will suffice. For the rest of us who push our systems to the max we want to water cool. Whether for looks or for performance or a combination of both, the question is, “Which system is right for me?” There are closed loops which are assembled already and typically cool one component with one block, pump, and radiator. And then there are custom loops, these can range from the entry level to the out right crazy. Loops with multiple blocks, radiators and even pumps, I’ve even seen a loop that cooled multiple systems! Because of the high cost of custom loops we will focus on closed loops. Companies like Corsair, NZXT, and Cooler Master manufacture loops designed for CPUs. This in theory is good, it helps keep your processor cooler, allowing for better overclocks. A conservative overclock might net you a 10-20% increase in performance but very few programs actually utilize or demand such computational power. Alternatively your GPU can use these closed loops with a small adapter and reap similar benefits as your CPU would with an overclock. The big difference is a 10-20% increase on your GPU is HUGE. Games that would normally run around 30 FPS could now run another 3-6 frames better. While a small number, it makes a really big impact when you are floating around that 30FPS area since around 25FPS is where page tearing and lag become noticeable.

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