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Upgrade that HDD to a SSD

Hard Drives are archaic.

They are slow, spinning drives we are so familiar with hearing click away as we go about our day to day tasks on our computers. Solid state drives or SSDs are lighter, faster, consume less power, and don’t wear mechanically break down because there are no moving parts. SSDs are around 4-5x faster at the very least than conventional HDDs yet cost very similarly. Typically the slowest part on your computer is your HDD, don’t make the mistake of upgrading other components that will have minimal benefits when you can switch to a SSD today! Everything you do, from starting the computer up or shutting it down to opening an application will be at least 4-5x faster! This is because most hard drives write around 100MB/s whereas SSDs write around 500MB/s. Do yourself a favor and upgrade today!

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