smasung galaxy note 5

Galaxy Note 5 – Major Design Flaw

Recently the release of the two new Galaxy phones,

and which is better, has the world buzzing.  However, some of the few who have gone out and made their decision already have been faced with a horrible defect in the Galaxy Note 5.  The Note 5 boasts many things, but nothing so much as it’s stylus integration and ability to jot down things quickly and easily.  For the most part in fact, it meets up to those standards.  Where it falls short; if you insert the stylus wrong into the phone the phone may lose its ability to detect if the stylus is put away or not.  This may seem like trivial information for your phone to need, but all of the ease of access features involving the stylus are dependant on this, and they are one of the bigger selling points of the phone.So, if you’ve already gone out and bought one, be careful, if not, is this enough of a push away from the phone altogether?  Read more here:


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